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Online roulette practice programs and helpful beginner tips

Roulette consistently holds the top 10 most popular gambling titles in the world. It is flawlessly logical and has strictly defined rules, and is subject to mathematical laws. This leads to a desire to unravel the secret of roulette and, of course, to win more often.

Online roulette software

A universal program to play roulette free online has not yet been devised. On the other hand, there are several types of roulette software with highly specialized functions:

  1. Roulette emulator;
  2. Roulette calculator/roulette analyzer;
  3. Roulette simulator.

Each of these varieties, if it is not a fake, can be useful to the player, at least in terms of learning the mechanism of online roulette.


The roulette emulator is a software version of a real roulette. This category includes absolutely all kinds of programs in which the roulette wheel spins and the ball falls on random numbers. There are thousands of variations of the roulette emulator. Most often, they emulate the European, American, or French versions of roulette. But there are other versions: with colored fields, mini-variation, and so on.

Analyzer, aka calculator

A roulette analyzer (roulette calculator) is a program that collects statistics and forecasts future events in accordance with it.

If you need to collect statistics to analyze your own strategy, it is an excellent alternative to manual recording on paper or in spreadsheets. As a rule, the more statistics collected, the more accurate the analysis of future events can be made as part of the strategy being worked out.


The roulette wheel simulator is a program that simulates the operation of online roulette in accelerated mode. The main task of such software is to check the effectiveness of strategies.

None of the existing roulette simulators can guarantee constant winnings, even if the developers claim they do. They just want to sell their product. In practice, no simulator can show 100% reliable results because the original online roulette simulator cannot be used. The simulator’s HFL algorithm works according to its own laws, which may be very different from those used in your favorite game.

Roulette tips for beginners

Roulette is quite simple, but at the same time, it is not. The fact is that its basic component is built in such a way that it is very difficult to win. And that explains the huge possible winnings for the user. roulette quite often attracts newcomers, due to various factor:

  • Advertising with “guaranteed winnings”;
  • High payouts;
  • The simplicity of the game process;
  • Convenient online roulette betting.

By the way, do not forget that 1 to 4 is not a 25% chance of winning. Or rather, it is 25%, but for some reason, many players think that in every 4th game they have a 25% chance of winning. This is not true. This rule is true for pseudo-random numbers. And roulette is a random number that cannot be subordinated to the law. So no matter how high the chance is, it is not guaranteed.

So, the above draws a line under the fact that there are no mandatory winnings. The developers are already baffled by this. How to win at roulette is a very interesting question, but you just have to be lucky when playing online roulette. There is no escaping this.

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